The previous article had discussed what exactly are HR managers looking for when they read a CV.

But if you are a fresh or recent graduate, how do you impress HR with limited experience?


1. List your technical skills

If you have no job-specific skills, you should list your technical and/or more general, transferable skills. Examples of technical skills include Adobe Photoshop, Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO), and copywriting, etc. Transferable skills include teamwork, communication, and analytical skills, etc, that you may have acquired from university projects or any extra-curricular activities.

2. Talk about your group projects, internships, and/or extra-curricular endeavors

Just because you did the project at university, doesn't mean it is not a valuable experience relevant to your job application! Internships, whether it is in the same industry or not, are worth talking about because it shows that you have had some exposure to the "real world". Extra-curricular activities are highly important as it shows that you were able to balance your academic studies with hobbies outside of school or university. All these experiences can link to the potential job; you can highlight how the soft skills you developed (being a team player, leadership, etc) will facilitate your next steps in your professional career, or you can discuss how they have helped inspire you to apply to that position.

3. Attach a cover letter

For graduates who have yet to gain work experience or job seekers who want to change careers, in addition to your CV, you attach a cover letter. The cover letter should not be a repeat of your CV. It should detail how you can add value to the company, how you are capable, and if applicable, explain why you want to change careers.



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