Learnreel is a TikTok-style app where you can learn more about the world of digital marketing.

Learnreel gives users the opportunity to learn through short videos from experienced professionals, educators and influencers. The app has a range of trending topics to satisfy your interest: from SEO and Photoshop to branding and social media marketing. Learners can discover videos, courses and tips & tricks through their own personalised learning feed.

The app is based on the idea that less is more. There’s an overwhelming amount of long form content available but an ever-increasing amount of distractions, today’s attention spans are shorter than ever and learning outcomes need to be delivered in minutes rather than hours. It’s no surprise that traditional online course platforms continue to suffer from low engagement and completion rates, with 3.13% in 2018, down from nearly 6% in 2014.

Learnreel co-founder and CEO, James Lewis, says, “As an entrepreneur, I needed to quickly upskill and learn a lot of different topics, whether it’s marketing, tech or sales. With hours and hours of content in online courses, I’m forever fast-forwarding videos or playing on 1.5x speed to get to through the fluff to the actionable content. It’s no wonder learners spend just 1% of their time learning each week. By intelligently delivering bite-sized, mobile first content, Learnreel is solving this problem for our users.”

The Learnreel app is available on the App Store and Google Play and you can find out more at learnreel.com/home. But that’s not all: if you are an expert in your field and want to share your knowledge, you can participate in the app’s instructor program.

Learnreel is developed by Vanna, an Edtech and HRtech startup. In the last year, over 1,000,000 people used our platforms to upskill, get actionable career advice and find a job they love. For press enquires, please email team@vanna.com

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