Digital marketing is one of the rising industries in the decade. The budding industry brings plenty of new job opportunities, and many of them do not require a Marketing degree! It takes more than marketing professionals to form an efficient digital marketing agency or department, so check out these different job functions and see which one of them fits you!

What IS digital marketing?🤔

Digital marketing refers to the efforts to market or promote using digital platforms or/and the internet. The advertisement that Youtube shows you at the beginning (or sometimes even in the middle of) a video, promotional emails you've received, a review done by an influencer etc. are all examples of digital marketing.

Now that we've figured out what digital marketing is, let's take a look at where you fit in the industry based on your strengths!

If you are creative

Content Writing

People who work in Content Writing create texts to engage their audience. If you thought writing is boring, think again! With information available at the tip of our fingers 24/7, our attention span is shorter than ever. This means we are only attracted by the best content!

To create captivating content and communicate effectively, content writers are always researching for information and examples, studying successful cases.

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Graphic/Motion Design

This team of creatives is responsible for the visual elements in a campaign. Their products include social media post images, videos, and other illustrations. Remember the funny memes that you tagged your friend in? Or the video about the best cakes in town that made you super hungry? These are all the this team's efforts!

A common misconception about this team is that a degree in design or videography is a prerequisite. However, that is not the case! Most companies value your experience or artistic sense over your background. It is more important to be proficient in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects etc. than to have a related degree. If you want to stand out from the competition, prepare a portfolio to showcase your talent!

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If you are tech-savvy who like design

UI/UX Team

Needless to say, technology plays a crucial role in digital marketing. IT professionals are needed in programming, user experience, user interface roles. On top of that, more and more companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), so being tech-savvy is definitely an asset!

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If you are good with numbers

Data Analysis

Data analysis provides insights regarding consumer behaviours, the success of SEO efforts, and more. The data analysts help measure the success of campaigns and suggest ways to improve them. For example, if a supermarket is trying to boost sales by giving out coupons, data analysts can help identify the group of customers that will most likely use the coupons and target them.

Data analysis is not a piece of cake. Those who work in this sector are patient, detail-oriented, and good with numbers.

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Search Engine Marketing(SEM)and Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

This team is responsible for creating the ads we see on Facebook, making sure their client/company ranks high on the search engine results. Their day-to-day duties involve designing Facebook advertisements, conducting A/B tests to determine the best way to promote, understanding the latest changes in paid advertising, and more. To succeed in this role, you will need to be creative, analytical, and quick on your feet - if an advertisement is not working, you need to be able to fix it ASAP.

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If you love to socialise

Influencer Management

Influencer marketing is one of the digital marketing trends to look out for in 2019. Those who work in this sector need to be familiar with local influencers, including their strength and audience. They then have to match campaigns with suitable influencers. Their day-to-day responsibilities include communicating with influencers, monitoring their content, and evaluating their performance.

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